Live Your Legacy


What is your legacy for the environment? What you do in your daily life makes a difference, and you can start reducing your impact on the Earth today. The David Suzuki Foundation has many resources to help you live your legacy with a small ecological footprint.

The David Suzuki at Work program offers tools for greening your workplace, while our Queen of Green gives you tips on making your home more eco-friendly. And when it comes to community action, we'll help you call on our leaders to push for Earth-friendly legislation. Visit our website for more ideas on what you can do.

What you can do, starting today:


Take transit, carpool, bike, or walk to regular destinations

Get on your bike - and off oil

Use a compact and fuel-efficient vehicle when you drive

Drive smarter for a better planet

Teleconference for long-distance meetings rather than flying

A new way of doing business


Plug the heat leaks around your home with insulation

Reduce home heating and electricity use by 10%

Look for the EnergyStar label when buying new appliances

Use your home appliances more wisely

Reduce air pollution by going carbon neutral

Go carbon neutral


Eat locally grown
and seasonal meals

Eat for a healthy planet

Choose at least one day a week
to eat meat-free

Food and climate change

Stop using chemical pesticides when gardening

Take Action for a B.C. ban on lawn and garden pesticides

Public Action

Vote for candidates
who legislate conservation

Protect B.C.'s grizzly bears

Write letters to political
representatives and media

Take action for smarter regulation of chemicals in cosmetics

Get involved in
local community plans

Take action for healthy oceans


From traditional campfires and cave walls to modern films and blogs, stories inform, inspire and instill values in every culture. Here, people from across the country tell tales of what inspires them to act for the planet.

You can share your
story, too

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