"In 2009, I was approached by Laszlo Barna, from Entertainment One, a very successful film production company. He wanted to know whether I would be interested in doing a feature film with them. I have long felt that feature films can have a powerful impact because the audience actually makes a commitment to take the time, pay money and then sit through a commercial-free show. That's very different from radio and television, so I jumped at the chance…" - David Suzuki

"What are you doing today to leave behind what you want to be remembered for tomorrow?" Join David Suzuki in theatres and on tour this fall with the release of Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie, the first major film ever made about his life, and the companion book The Legacy.

Embark on an intimate and entertaining journey of discovery about David's life that might inspire you to seek out ideas on how to start to live your legacy.


Stay indoors this Sunday night.

This may be the only time we ask you to watch TV instead of getting out in nature.

Why? The CBC is showing a documentary about David Suzuki's life and legacy.

When? 8pm this Sunday, March 13, and 10pm on Sunday, April 3. Check your local listings or the CBC website to be sure.

Get to know the real David behind his nature programs, and hear about his vision for the environment. He takes you through his upbringing, his time in a Japanese internment camp, his…

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The Test Tube with David Suzuki, an interactive video created by the National Film Board, won Community Campaign of the Year at the 2010 Canadian New Media Awards. In this eye-opening one minute clip, David Suzuki discusses the scientifc reality of population growth, our insatiable appetites, and the consequences of our mass consumerism. Celebrated for the use of social media to get people thinking about how their actions are impacting the planet, this project is a must-see. Still haven't spent…

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The Association of Book Publishers of B.C. has announced that David Suzuki's The Legacy: An Elder's Vision for Our Sustainable Future is among the top ten best non-fiction books published this year in British Columbia.

Read an excerpt from The Legacy or purchase your own copy of one of B.C.'s best books today.

Check out the rest of the books that made the cut in this article from the Vancouver Sun.

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